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Sunday, May 18, 2008

March and April Pictures of the Month

Yeah, I'm late with posting these two up. Really late.

I got the Hal Jordan mini action figure from the dvd package from Besy Buy and the flyer there is from the Justice League: New Frontier afterparty hosted by Isotope and iFanboy.

This is from an Oakland A's-Kansas City Royals game at McAfee Coliseum from April 18th. The team had a promo of half off the price for the Luxury Suites for the month of April. If you can't tell, my chucks are pretty wrecked by now, and I'm in need of a new pair.

This weekend I spent most of my time at Super-Con. I'll be sure to do a wrap-up in a day or two. It's just that right now, I'm pretty damn tired. But just know that I got two great sketches: one from Darrick Robertson of Spider Jerusalem and another from David Bullock of Raven. The Noir Sketchbook is a growin!