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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life is Happening

So yeah, I've running around both San Francisco, San Jose, and in between. Last Tuesday, I found out my friend Q.A. and her roommates were having a potluck party in Daly City, and because, I hadn't seen her, James, and a couple of other friends in that circle of SF/Daly City friends. Although I had to get someone to cover my Friday night closing shift. Lucky enough, I found someone who had a morning shift that same day to switch with. But that also meant that I had to open the store Friday morning after helping close the store on Thursday night.


But it's not like I hadn't done something like that before, and it was a necessary evil. So I drove up to DC, and hung out with James, Q.A., and the gang. James' roommate, Bill, questioned my man-hood each time I didn't down whatever drink I had in my hand... I got a damn good drunkedness Friday night. I kept going on and on about my 100 & 150 Font roommates, and how much I missed my Wednesdays. My drunkedness even spread onto Twitter, where I texted in that not only do I miss my roommates, but also my potlucks and general hanger-outing with my fellow City Kids. Yeah, lately I've been lamenting just how much I miss living in San Francisco.

Anyway, I crashed at James' place that night, and Saturday morning we had breakfast at IHOP. It really hit the spot, and then went to the Metreon and watched The Dark Knight prologue and I Am Legend on IMAX. AS expected, the TDK prologue was so very the awesome, and I Am Legend was better than I had been expecting.

When I had gotten back to San Jose later Saturday night, it was for Frances' two younger kids birthday party: Julian (9yrs) and Alexis'(4yrs).

My pregnant sister, Frances, told those of us still at the house at the later stages of the party, that she felt she'd be giving birth any day now... she gave birth less than 24 hours later. I'll post photos of the newest member of the Fernandez brood soon. My sister and brother in-law have four kids: three of them with birthdays in December, and within four days of each other. Tristan is the only one not in December. Shit, she's gonna be 14 next year. Damn, I'm feeling old.

Anyway, I went back to SF on Sunday to join in on the WGA's protest in Union Square. I was there from about noon to three. As I was getting more fliers from the Strike Captain's car on Post St., I coulda sworn I saw Mindy walk by down the cross street, Powell. I shouted to try to get her attention, but I guess she was out of ear-shot. Met and chatted with some a few writers, got about a handful of cars to honk their horns, and froze my tookiss off, and by the end my feet were ice cold. But I felt good about what I did Sunday. And I swear, the short cat-nap I took on BART on the way back to Daly City from downtown after the protest, was the best cat-nap the earth has ever known.

Yesterday, I helped open up the bookstore, and today I'm goin back to SF with my brother, Patrick as he's taking an insurance license exam. I'm goin because I don't have anything better to do. Oh, shopping, and maybe watch Juno while I'm up there.

Hopefully, I'll have something very cool to plug in the next week or so.

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