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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The word of the weekend.

I haven't updated this bad boy on a frequent basis in quite some time, let alone any posts in the first two months of this year.

But enough of that dilly-dallying. This weekend was one of those long weekends (ie. a comic convention weekend). I wasn't really sure what I wanted out of this year's WonderCon. I didn't really feel like going after sketches from artist, or do too much searching for cheap trades or individual floppies to fill out any runs in my collection. (Although, I did pick up some trades.)

But I did notice one thing that made me pause and reflect on something I've been working for: being paid to write. More specifically, paid to write comics. In college, I studied to be a screenwriter, and in the time since I made that decision, I've realized that I'd also like to write comics, novels, and other forms of fiction besides movies or television.

Since the start of this year, I've been interning as writer/editor for an online media company, and it's kinda weird actually being paid to write, and be (modestly) paid for it. With a little more work, I'll actually get a position with them once this internship is over. (I've gotten some great feedback so far.) I've been working at this thing pretty hard so far, but it's also left some of my own writing projects kinda twisting in the wind.

Talking and hanging out with some friends, and what they're doing to get their foot in the door, as well as going to panels and hearing from some creators, and what they have to say about creating comics and how they've been able to succeed.

Originally, I was gonna go with "rededication" (is it even a word?), but in writing all this out, I think what the word of the weekend should really be is CHUTZPAH. It's something I remember that my screenwriting professor mentioned a time or two, and that being a writing means having to have a certain amount of Chutzpah.

Well, I have been working on it, but I guess what this whole entry has been about is that I've gotta throw myself into a higher gear, and work a little harder to maintain and succeed in this internship, get back into and continue on with my own writing projects, as well as shoehorning the "day job."

This shit is about to get heavy.

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capntightpants said...

Hey, I'm kickin it up a notch too! Let's push each other every once in a while.