Observations on the Road to...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


And boy, do I have plenty of it. My room is an absolute mess right now. I'm in the process of making my room about the most awesome room ever. But like I said, it's pretty damn messy to begin with. Add to it this Obama in 30 Seconds thing that my friend Jason and I are currently trying to work on. Finding a way to cram my idea into something less than half a minute long, worrying about audio, scheduling, actors, and having a camera we can work with has been pretty stressful. I first heard about this a little over a week ago, and although an idea came pretty quick, the timing for producing and executing this idea has been a bit difficult. Deadline for submissions is April 1st.

Even if this project is destined to go down in flames, I'm hoping at least it'll have a couple seconds of life before the smoke starts.

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