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Monday, March 17, 2008

February's Picture of the Month

It's well after half past March, and I find it quite ridiculous that I haven't made this particular blog post until now. Moreover, the fact that until now, I've only had one entry in this blog this whole month. Anyway, I don't think I made it all that clear in January's post that I wanted to take photos specifically meant to be chosen as POTMs, and not necessarily choose photos taken randomly at parties, or elsewhere.

Well, anyway here's February's Picture of the Month:

As I first started thinking about doing these pictures of the month, I thought I'd be snapping pictures a plenty this year, and I would have a wealth of photos to choose from. But that just hasn't really happened. I mean, I didn't reallying take that many photos in February. I only took eighteen (decently shot) photos in the three and a half days at WonderCon. Getting back to the photo, it's another one that's also set in my own room. Hopefully, for March's photo I'll have enough self-awareness to take a photo outside my room. At the very least, I should get my camera out into the hallway.

It is also pretty crazy how many comics and books I've amassed in the five and a half years I've been reading and collecting comic books. I still have books on the floor and comics all over the place. But that part is mostly because I'm a messy, unorganized schmo.

EDIT: Also just wanted to point out that today is my brother, Patrick's birthday! So Happy Birthday, Pat!

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