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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fantasy Football

No I don't participate in any leagues, but my brother, Pat, does. Multiple leagues actually. And today I helped him in one of those League Fantasy Drafts. As opposed to a draft held online, this one was held at one of Pat's friends' house. It was pretty fun, and I think I finally realize just how much fun my brother has with it. And to a greater extent, how much fun it it for everyone else who participates in Fantasy Football, and other fantasy sports leagues.

In the past, I figured that I wouldn't want to devote so much of my time in all of it. I still am, though. Maybe next year I'll give it a shot.


DavePress said...

yeah, we have a live draft this thursday and I have to say, I'm not looking forward to it. I really don't care to put in the time for something I don't really care about but always end up winning somehow.

Joey JP said...

Don't let my brother's friends hear you say that... there's a friend of my brother's that won a few years back, and he didn't make any player moves the last six weeks of that season... this particular person had to do this year's draft, absentee style, and the whole time they kept ragging that that he just doesn't know how to play Fantasy Football... I forgot to mention in the post itself that my bro had a t-shirt specially made Championship t-shirt sporting the fact that he won last year's Fantasy league. Sadly... the gloating runs in the family, because I might've done the same thing