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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Fearless Journey is JERICHO!!!!!

Yeah, I watched Monday Night Raw last night expressly just to witness the "2nd coming." I grew up watching wrestling and until 6th grade, thought it was real. I stopped really paying attention when I reached 12th grade when the "Attitude Era" had passed. I was a "Hulkamaniac," and after that Bret Hart became my favorite.

If I'm bored, and WWE has something on the TV, I'll give it a browse, but I'm not the avid fan I once was. But I have heard talk that one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Chris Jericho, was returning this fall to the company.

Here's a clip from when he made his debut (which involved The Rock) back in 1999.

There's no video from last night on youtube, yet, but soon I'm sure. I watched the segment from last night probably about 3 or 4 times before the memory on my TiVo erased it.

There is an electricity about wrestling that can make it so fucking great, and that's why I liked wrestling for as long as I did. Unfortunately, wrestling these days, or at least the WWE, just lacks that electricity. But you could feel the electricity watching Chris Jericho make his WWE return at the end of Raw. I dunno that this'll keep me watching beyond the next couple of weeks, which includes Raw's 15th Anniversary show at the beginning of December, but damn if it wasn't fun KNOWING just how much I "marked-out" last night. Jeez, I hadn't "marked-out" like that in so fucking long.

I already got page 152 from The Homeless Channel, and I've made plans to go to NSSN, so that's at least two items from the Christmas List post. And after watching Raw last night (and as if there was any doubt, previously), Jericho definitely sold me on getting his book.

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