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Monday, June 4, 2007

Party Like A Rockstar

So Bella's party was pretty crazy. Mostly because I was drunk, and re-reading my post after that night... wel, I was drunk, there too. I mean, remember that line from Prince's 1999??

"I was dreaming when I wrote this."

Well, for me, and the previous post was... "I was drunk when I wrote this."

Turns out I took around 90-something photos on Saturday night. Well, I didn't take all 90 photos, but well, you get the idea. Anyway, thank goodness for 2GB memory cards.

So yeah. I went to Day 2 of Super-Con. Met and chatted things up with Terry and Rachel Dodson. I wish I knew image codes, or else I would post an image of their work. But yeah, the Dodson are good people, and Terry added to my sketchbook. Next time when I get the chance I will definitely try to get a commissioned piece from them.

I also saw Knocked Up last night, too. Funny as fuck!

*sigh* I have a jury summons this week.

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