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Sunday, June 3, 2007

It was a Good Day.

I went to the Isotope launch party for Matt Silady on Friday night. It was fun. See someone's publishd work come to fruition is an amazing sight.

Matt, congratulations. Well deserved.

I went to Super-Con this afternoon. Bill Morrision added a great piece to my film noir sketchbook. It is absolutely beautiful. And I got a thing or five signed by Mark Waid, too. I just wush I could've gotten Jim Lee to add ato my film noir sketchbook. Boo!

Even still, I've learned why he is so good at what he does.

He takes painstaking care of his craft. It was so very evident waiting in line for him to do a sketch for me. For in the end, I didn't get a sketch.

That does indeed suck, but I am appreciative of thecare that he takes in his sketches. For that I am very thankful despite not comin way from Super-Con with a sketch by Jim Lee. Again, it sucks. But for those that had said that they would be happy with just a simple head-shot / two-minute sketch.... i call Bougie..... because, you like, I know you want something more. Especially if someone the likes of Jim "effin fucken" Lee is willing to take the time to do, then just let him take the time to do the sketch.

I want a a film noir illustration from the man, If he's goin to take the time to do the sketch that the others in front of me want of him, then I want the sketch that he's willing to do for me.

Jim: Thank you for staying as long as you did for us on Saturday 2, 2007 at Super-Con. One day, I will get a sketch from you that falls under the film noir column. Until then, well, it was a good day. For us adults, we celebrated Bella's B-Day at Farenheit. Twas a good time that we had. Happy Birthday Belle! It's three in the a.m on early Sunday morning.... and shit! I gotta be up in six hours in order to make it to Day 2 of Super-Con 2007! Oh well, just got grt it through as per usual. I know I can stll get a chance at her.

It will come.... and how we stumble upon a bachelorette party, and well, how cool was that? hrrm, nvm.

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Anonymous said...

Agh, it killed me to get so close to Jim Lee and not get an autograph, but I got to the line too late and knew there wasn't a prayer. Anyway, I've got recaps and pics from the rest of the Super-Con weekend at my blog, if you're interested.