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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Damn. Having no internet connection is a double edged sword.

On the good, I can just relax, go out and do whatever and just unplug myself from what's goin on. Yet on the other hand, I'm unplugged from what's goin on. I posted a bulletin on myspace about the photos I posted from last Friday night at Trad'r Sam. It's sort of like Bud Geracie's Wake of the Week... Only, you know, about a night out at a bar...

The bulletin consisted of two lists. One about what is self-evident in the photos, and the other about stuff that only people who were there would know about. I figure I'd go a step further, and rip off Geracie's column once again for the purposes of this post.

-I got a page or two of dialogue on the ol screenplay done. Altogether total is now 75 pages.

-Goin to the Isotope on Friday for the launch party of Matt Silady's The Homeless Channel.

-Today, Wednesday May 30th, is Bella's Birthday. Happy Birthday Bella!

-I took my financial aid exit counseling, and found out the government thinks I'm not scheduled to graduate until May 27, 2008. Interesting?!?

-Super-Con is comin' up this weekend, June 2 & 3.

-I'm gonna have to cut my pull-list down. And it is gonna have to be a very considerable cut. I wonder how Greg is gonna react to that.

-I'm thinking the plan for the next screenplay isn't gonna be what I've been telling people. I think I wanna go in another direction. Comparing the script I'm working now, and the original second project just seems a little too similar in terms of tonality. I've been thinking that I should change it up, if only to prove to myself and to others my range of capability. A lot of back and forth right now. Nothing definite until I finish what I'm working on now.

-On Tuesday, I exchanged the Chucks I got on Monday, and got some Puma's instead.

-I wanna go to the driving range. Anyone down to come with?

-I really wanna pick up the Bloc Party cd's. I feel like an ass for not already owning them.

-Gotta start thinkin about how to break down the short film I wanna make this summer.

-Went to the A's-Rangers game on Monday after stopping by Tim & Cindy's place. It was there "going away party," and well, I wanted to make sure I went so as to say "goodbye." Well, not "goodbye," but you know, wish them well.

-"Fine Young Asians." Cindy: believe me when I tell you that I will make FYA come to life.

-I'm gonna visit Justin today.

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