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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who Knows...

Tristan's 13th birthday was today. The fam and I went out to have dinner at Buca located at Oakridge. That niece of mine is a teenager now? Gah damn! Not to mention the fact that she's getting taller by the day. Hell, she's getting near my height. Happy Birthday TeeTee.

I'm not as upset about the Warriors losing to the Jazz as I had been about the postseason meltdowns that the A's have had. Likely because, and I've said this before, I bleed green and gold. But the Warriors did have a helluva run, and energized every person around the Bay, and in the words Philip Marlowe: "It's okay with me."

Also if the Warriors losing tonight wasn't bad enough, I didn't get to see the last episode of Gilmore Girls. The TiVo got the channels all fucked with... as in The CW is channel 12, and when the TiVo changed the channel, it changed it to 0-2, instead of 0-1-2... BooBoo! BooBoo I say! Ahh well, the network is repeating the episode this coming Sunday night, so I'll definitely be in front of the Telly that night.

Other than that, I need to get to writing.

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