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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Week's Agenda

On deck for this week:

Monday- Went running/walking this morning. Wrote about five pages today. I was supposed to go inquire about a job after picking up my niece and nephew, but had to take care of some other things online. So that means...

Tuesday- Do a little lifting in the morning. Write another five pages.

Wednesday- Another round of running/walking, and another five pages. Plus, it's new comics day. So there ya go.

Thursday- Lifting, and five more pages.

Friday- The hell if I'm gonna do either running/walking or lifting. But five more pages fasho.

I wanted to finish the screenplay by today, Monday October 1st, but, well that obviously didn't happen. I also need to get my arse in shape. So yeah, this is me going out and doing just that. This week I plan on easing my way into the running and lifting stuff. Mostly just walking this morning. I didn't really run all too much. But just enough to get the ol heart rate goin. And let me just say that if I had sex today instead of running, I think I would've died. I really do. Because my legs and feet just felt so damn heavy. Picture Homer Simpson trying to catch up with an ice cream truck, and you'd get an exaggeration of what was my morning, but it gives you a rough idea. Here's to a good week.

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