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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The "I don't know what to title this blog entry" Entry

So I went out with, Gino, Gen, and Alisha to ViVid (night club). I went out as Peter Parker. Took some photos, and post them soon. I know I've somewhere around 125-plus photos to post that which I've taken within the last two weeks or so, and this only adds to it, but I will post them soon. Gino, Alisha, Gen, and Diane: I WILL GET TO IT SOON. Please stop your snickering. nahaha

Anyway. Lotsa girls dressed very scantily walking and dancing at ViVid and downtown San Jose in general. Twas fun, saw Wilson from Home Improvement. The guy brought a piece of paper in the shape of a picket fence, and held it up to his face most of the night. A couple dressed (I use the term, "dressed," loosely) as Adam and Eve. I even took a picture with Quail-Man. Austin Powers was behind the turntables, and Dr. Evil doin a lil dancing near the turntables.

Gino only brought a mask out to the club, and Gen dressed as Snow White, and Alisha slapped on some tanning lotion to darken her skin, and wore a afro-wig to pull off a 70s basketball player. She brought a basketball intending to take it into the club, but we told her it was a bad idea, and she ended up leaving it in the car. She said she created some dance-moves with said basketball. And by the end of the night when we wanted to see it, she said she was just joking... Me and Gino didn't buy it.

At the end of the night, we hung out in Gino's garage talking about two tv shows that we love so fuckin much: The Office (the U.S. version. not that the U.K. one isn't funny. which it is, by the by), and Arrested Development. Good times. And hopefully on Wednesday night, Halloween Night, when we are back to full force (re: the rest of the guys are back in town), more fun times will ensue.

Now to some fucked up stuff: Namely, my cell phone. My VX9800. My texter friendly phone. Hrmm, both screens are plain white now, and it couldn't have decided to gone and done so at a worser time. As I said, it is a very texter friendly phone, and texting a particular person would probably solve a particular situation that I'd like to pursue. Them's the breaks I guess. I mean, I haven't been the most careful handler of this particular phone. But still, this sucks.

Okay, let's end this on a less sucky note. Over on BKV's Cabal,
Nick I. named me the "Best caballero you easily could get a beer...maybe two...with: Joey JP (who also wins for coolest sketchbook theme)" Very cool thing of him to say, and here's my response: "Thanks Nick, and if you're planning to come back for WonderCon again next year, we're increasing that number..."

Hrmm, that response sounds like I'm an alcoholic. Haha. Which no, I am not. I gave an award to NothingFace and DavePress for almost always having good comic recommendations (other than Brian himself) on the Cabal. A tightly knit bunch of Caballeros that we are. I have a handle on boards like Newsarama, and I think on Interpol's site too, and yeah, I think that's it. But yeah, the Cabal is a very cool board if just for the positivity.

P.S. I've just nominated myself for being the Caballero that best knows the way to San Jose. Ridiculousness, I know. :P

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DavePress said...

thanks, dude, for the mention. We are a tight group and if I have my way maybe I'll swing around Wondercon. Loved SF when I visited two years ago and a chance to hang there would be fun. NothingFace has mentioned to me that she will also be attending the Wondercon. Pia is visiting me here in NYC in December so I was thinking about hitting up and going there for Wondercon. When is it, by the way?