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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

Well yeah, I haven't abused my liver like this weekend since my birthday back in August. Pretty crazy. Pretty fun.

Here's a quick run down: lots of drinking... yeah that sums it up nicely. I'll post some pictures via Flickr and Myspace soon enough. But yeah, all that really needs to be said is how fortunate I am to have the enormous amount of friends that I have, and how much fun they are to hang out with, have fun with, and yeah, get pissed drunk with. And no, I am not currently buzzed, drunk, or otherwise inebriated. I am completely sober as I write this. And yes, that probably make this all the more a mushy blog entry. But yeah. Twas a fun weekend... yet now I am also thinking that I didn't get much writing done this weekend... FUCK!!

Oh well, just more inspiration for further ideas, nahaha :P

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